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ADMITTED SVSU STUDENTS (including new incoming freshmen): To be considered for donor-funded scholarships, students must complete a General Scholarship Application through this site (referred to as “General Application”) once enrolled at SVSU (an SVSU ID and password is required to Log In and is issued when students are admitted). Completing this process automatically submits your application to certain scholarships for which you may qualify, and may also suggest more scholarships (Recommended Opportunities) that require you to answer additional questions or provide more information to determine your eligibility. PLEASE NOTE that completing this process is necessary to be considered for donor-funded scholarships offered at SVSU. All students should complete a General Application each year. Opportunities exist for returning students and graduate students, too!

COMPLETE YOUR FAFSA AS EARLY AS POSIBLE: Donor-funded scholarships based on financial need rely on the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) for your financial information to determine your eligibility for these opportunities. To maximize your opportunities for scholarships, please take the following ACTIONS: (1) Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible; (2) Return here to check your scholarship application periodically for “Other Recommended Opportunities”—these are scholarships for which you may qualify that require additional action to complete your application. Scholarship opportunities may be added to this list as your financial information is received and updated in our records.

SENIORS GRADUATING IN DECEMBER 2024 OR MAY 2025-SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! The SVSU Degree Completion fund is taking applications through *July 15, 2024. If your General Application is complete, check your list of “Recommended Opportunities” (the SVSU Degree Completion Fund will appear there if you potentially qualify) and complete your application. If you have not yet applied for scholarships, complete your General Application NOW and when you’ve finished, check your list of “Recommended Opportunities” for the SVSU Degree Completion Fund. Minimum requirements include 2.0 GPA, at least half-time enrollment, and at least $500 in unmet financial need (according to FAFSA numbers). You must be graduating in December 2024 or May 2025.

DEADLINES MAY VARY: Please apply early for best opportunities. Freshmen are urged to complete their applications by February 1. Returning and graduate students should apply early and expect most deadlines to be on or about March 15. (Some scholarships may have earlier or extended deadlines, so complete your app early and keep an eye on those dates!) Don’t forget to check back in case new opportunities are added to your Recommended list!

SCHOLARSHIP AWARD AMOUNTS: The published award amounts on this site are for informational purposes only and are not guaranteed to be the amount you will receive should you be offered that scholarship. Actual scholarship awards may vary based on availability of funds, number of recipients, students’ individual financial aid circumstances, and other factors.

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: There is no need to submit letters of recommendation with your General Application, or to scholarships that do not specifically ask for them. Individual scholarships that require letters of recommendation will include an option for you to upload them directly to those specific scholarships.

PART-TIME DEFINITION: For purposes of your donor-funded scholarship application, “Part-Time” refers to at least half-time: 6-11 credits per semester, or between 12-23 credits per academic year. (Full-time is a minimum 12 credits per semester or minimum 24 credits per academic year).

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS AND GUESTS: Searching using “Show Filters” or by Keywords may be helpful in browsing opportunities prior to admission to SVSU. You may click the “Show Filters” button above to filter results by academic college/special category (available options are on a drop-down selection list). If you are searching by keywords, you may enter text in the search box below. Please try both general and specific terms for the most results (i.e., if you are interested in “science” scholarships, try general terms like “science” and more targeted search words like “biology”, “engineering”, “chemistry”, etc.). You may also browse the full list below of all scholarship opportunities (availability and award amounts may vary by academic year). Becoming an admitted SVSU student and completing your scholarship application (General Application) is the best way to identify the scholarships for which you qualify.

SVSU FAMILY AND FRIENDS who would like to help support student scholarships at SVSU, please click HERE to visit the SVSU Foundation website and click the “Give to SVSU” button.

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Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies Distinguished Theatre Arts Scholarship
Successful applicants for this award will be a new freshman or transfer...
$1,500 Sebastian and Ida Ramet Endowed Scholarship for the Study of the Arts and Humanities
To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be enrolled full-time...
Varies Spatz Endowment for Performing Arts Scholarship - Theatre
To be eligible, students must be new incoming freshman Theatre or...
$2,500 Theatre Scholarship
Candidates must be Theatre or Theatre Education majors who demonstrate...
$2,000 Lyman/Parker Non-Profit Fellowship in the Arts
The Lyman/Parker Nonprofit Fellowship in the Arts offers students...