Thompson Family Freshman Achiever Scholarship

This scholarship is for a Freshman Achiever student for $2,500 per semester, for up to six semesters. The student must be a second-year student (completed two semesters) at the University, pursuing a four-year degree. The Freshman Achiever is a student not initially selected for the Scholarship Program by the University prior to their freshmen year for primarily academic reasons, but has demonstrated significant academic progress in their freshman year at the University such that the University now feels the student should be admitted to the Scholarship Program.
Criteria for eligibility: EFC of 12,000 or less; second year first-time-in-college student who just completed completed his/her freshmen year at SVSU; completed a minimum of 24 credits at SVSU; SVSU GPA of 2.75 or higher; did not receive the President’s Scholarship during his/her first year of attendance

Robert and Ellen Thompson
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