SVSU Student Association

SVSU Student Association

The roots of the Student Association began in 1965 with the formation of the Student Senate. The Student Senate included a President, Vice President, and Treasurer, and two senators from each of the four class levels (freshman-senior), three senators from among night students, nine senators elected by the entire student body, and three senators representing the faculty. For many years, the Student Senate was known as Student Government. In 1996, the name was changed to the Student Association. The President of the Student Association attends Board of Control meetings as a guest.

Community Improvement Endowed Scholarship
The Student Association membership of 1999-2000 established the Community Improvement Endowed Scholarship fund in 2000 as part of their commitment to recognize student participation in community service. They believe service fosters positive growth, provides service to the community, and reflects positively on the image of students attending SVSU.

Study Abroad Scholarship
The Student Association membership of 2001-2002 established the Study Abroad Scholarship Fund in 2002 because they believe as the world becomes smaller through communication, immigration, and trade, the need for understanding of the world around us increases. They believe time spent outside the United States not only helps a student to understand different cultures, but also helps them to better understand the community in which they live.

Student Empowerment Scholarship
This scholarship program has both an academic focus award and an extracurricular focus award to recognize achievement in both areas. It is the SA’s third endowment fund at SVSU.

The Student Association also funds some annual and special scholarship programs.