SVSU Student Emergency Fund

PLEASE NOTE: This fund is for short-term urgent expenses; it will not cover regular tuition and fees or requests based on ongoing financial circumstances. DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED (i.e., invoices, eviction/shut off notices, etc.).

The SVSU Student Emergency Fund is a limited resource funded by private donations. Every effort is made to assist as many students as possible, but not all requests can be met. The amount of awards will vary, but generally will not exceed $500 per student. The fund provides financial assistance to students for unexpected emergency expenses surrounding situations such as accidents, serious illness, death of a family member, fire damage, need for temporary housing, or other circumstances of an urgent, short-term nature. Students may apply for assistance from this fund only when all other resources have been exhausted (i.e., financial aid, student loans, insurance coverage, etc.). Please explain the steps you have taken to obtain assistance from those sources and the outcomes.

Expenses Eligible for Coverage by the Emergency Fund:
• Medications and other medical expenses not covered by insurance or other forms of assistance
• Books and other essential academic expenses you are unable to afford due to a short-term, urgent hardship
• Replacement of essential personal belongings due to fire, theft, or natural disaster
• Travel costs related to a death or illness in the immediate family
• Temporary housing or food costs to offset emergency homelessness/hunger crises
• Gas or minor automotive repairs for a student’s sole means of transportation
Expenses Not Eligible for Coverage by the Emergency Fund:
• Tuition, fees, study abroad expenses
• Health or other insurance premiums
• Non-essential utilities (i.e., cable, internet)
• Household or furniture costs not related to damage or theft
• Parking tickets or other expenses related to infractions of university policies, civil or criminal law
• Costs for entertainment, recreation, non-emergency travel or other non-essential expenses

Student Eligibility Requirements:
• Currently enrolled as a student at Saginaw Valley State University
• Financial hardship due to an emergency, accident, or other unexpected critical incidents
• Documentation of the need for assistance must be provided (i.e., police reports, medical records, receipts, written estimates, invoices, etc.)
• All other resources, including Financial Aid, must have been considered and are insufficient, unavailable, or not available in a timely manner

Emergency Funds
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you requesting assistance for an urgent, short-term need?
  2. Please explain your request, including specific details about the nature of your emergency.
  3. Please provide cost estimates for the relevant category(ies) below (please remember that the need for assistance with these costs should be directly related to an urgent, short-term hardship, not ongoing financial circumstances.)
    • Books or other essential academic expenses:
    • Medications and other health-related expenses:
    • Personal safety needs (such as changing a lock):
    • Rent, utilities, or other essential household expenses:
    • Replacement of essential personal belongings due to natural disaster, fire, theft, or other unforeseen circumstance:
  4. Please upload documentation of the expenses for which you are requesting assistance (invoice, receipt, incident report, written estimate, etc.).